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Molecular Vision is committed to offering you the most comprehensive test panels at affordable prices. Central to this mission is new variant discovery. With our deep commitment to research, we are actively deploying new genomic technologies and computational methods to enable us to identify new disease variants.  We are transparent in our process, giving you access to raw data for evaluation or discussing our variant calling process with you.

Through our collaborations with our customers, we have amassed one of the largest databases of genomic sequencing data for patients afflicted with retinal dystrophies.  As such, our bioinformatics pipeline is now powered by thousands of cases, all of which have undergone deep sequencing to identify the genetic underpinnings of disease phenotypes.  With a deeper understanding of these genetic mechanisms, we are able to develop the most comprehensive test panels on the market.

We want to be your thought partner! Contact us if you are:

  • Seeking to enroll patients in a clinical trial
  • A patient looking to participate in a clinical trial
  • A researcher planning a study

If you have a story to share, a project to discuss or an idea about how we can work together, please contact us at 503-227-3179 or email


“I have used a number of genetic testing services over the years and I am especially pleased with those offered by MVL. In addition to being cost effective, the genetic testing is done in a timely manner with outstanding quality control.

The retinal dystrophy testing panel is the most complete retina-specific panel available and is frequently updated. The generated reports are clear, well-annotated and make it clear when the results are positive, inconclusive or negative. Sufficient information is provided so that the informed clinician can properly assess the results, plan appropriate follow-up studies and provide good counseling for the patients and their families. To the best of my knowledge, this was the first lab to routinely offer free segregation analysis testing when warranted.

There has always been a solid commitment of the lab to work as a partner with me in finding the molecular basis of the retinal conditions in my patients.”

-Michael B. Gorin, MD, PhD, Chief, Retinal Disorders and Ophthalmic Genetics Division, Co-Director, Visual Physiology Laboratory Stein Eye Institute (UCLA)