Paper Requisitions

Print and submit

Paper Requisition Instructions

Step 1: Please print and complete a Requisition Form.

The form includes the following information:

  • Page 1-2 – Patient and Specimen information.
  • Page 3 – Payment/Billing Information
  • Pages 4-5- Informed Consent

Informed consent laws for genetic testing differ between countries and states. It is your responsibility as the referring provider/lab to obtain proper informed consent from patients as required by your state/country. A generalized informed consent form is provided here for your convenience.

Step 2: Send the completed Test Requisition Form with the specimen. Specimens which do not have accompanying Test Requisition Forms or which have incomplete forms will not be processed. 

Please refer to our Specimen Requirements to ensure your samples can be processed.

Turnaround Time

Anticipated turnaround time for routine cases is 28 days.  Urgent cases will be completed within 14 days. However, please note that it may take longer for our largest NGS panels, tiered testing, or reflex cases. Eye gene panels are based on RetNet.