Insurance Billing

Determine coverage availability


Molecular Vision Laboratory is committed to working with insurance providers whenever possible. Because genetic testing is a new medical frontier, insurance companies are still refining their policies. Many of these policies require prior authorization to determine if coverage is available. While waiting for insurance pre-approvals, blood samples can still be submitted for processing and storage. The ordered test will be run after obtaining insurance preauthorization.

To determine if your policy provides coverage, please complete the following forms and send them to our billing office at or fax it to 323.978.5490.

Please note clients are responsible for paying the full list price plus a 10% processing fee, less any payments made by the insurance company. Significant discounts are available to patients who self-pay. We can issue a receipt and patients can apply for an insurance refund.

If you have any questions, please call our billing department at 310.448.2693 option 5.