Data Analysis

New Partnership

We have recently partnered with Saphetor SA, a Swiss precision medicine company, and adopted the VarSome Clinical platform. The web-based NGS data analysis and interpretation tools can be accessed from any computer with internet access and shared with ordering clients for no additional charge. Our clients now have full access to analysis results and all the intermediary data files. We believe that this additional accessibility and transparency will strengthen collaborations, improve mutation detection rates and minimize errors.

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Notable features:

  • Includes NGS data for gene panels exomes
  • Comprehensive service including data viewing, analysis and interpretation
  • Fully annotated variant list with advanced filtering options
  • Comprehensive aggregation of information sources for each variant and gene
  • Interactive ACMG criteria and classifications
  • In-silico prediction scores
  • Built-in viewer for visualization of variants and aligned reads
  • Sample QC metrics
  • Gene and exon coverage information


Figure 1.
Variant list overview and classification

Figure 2.
Variant information from ClinVar, gnomAD, and in-silico prediction algorithms

Figure 3.
Built-in viewer for visualization of variants and aligned reads

Figure 4.
Sample QC report

Figure 5.
Gene and exon coverage information